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Innovative Pain Relief Treatments

No one should have to live with pain, and with innovative pain management techniques, not many people have to. At Momentum Pain Relief & Regenerative Medicine, we use the latest therapies and technology to provide our patients with non-surgical pain relief treatments. When dealing with chronic aches and pains, it is always in your best interest to explore non-surgical treatments first as surgery can be expensive and take its toll on the body. In fact, many chronic pains can go away using completely noninvasive treatments.

One treatment we utilize is Viscosupplementation Therapy, which is a safe, painless, and proven treatment for chronic joint pain. Viscosupplementation is when a lubricating fluid is injected into a joint, which makes it easier for bone cartilage to move against each other and create a seamless, pain-free motion. We typically provide patients with a series of injections, knee bracing, and therapy as part of their comprehensive treatment program.

Pain management therapies and treatments at Momentum Pain Relief & Regenerative Medicine include:

  • Knee pain treatment
  • Facet joint injections for back pain
  • Sacroiliac injections
  • Trigger point injections to reduce muscle inflammation
  • Nerve root blocks
  • Hip pain treatment
  • Hand pain treatment

Finding the Right Treatment for You

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for pain. Even two people with the same condition have different bodies, preferences, and medical histories that will affect the best course of treatment for them. At Momentum Pain Relief & Regenerative Medicine, we are committed to finding the right treatment for you.

When you tell us about your problem, we won’t just send you down a run-of-the-mill treatment program that covers your general issues. We build a personalized program from the ground up based around you and your goals. Contact us today and tell us more about what kind of help you’re looking for.

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Patient Stories

  • I loved that Dr. Nussbaum was thorough and didn’t diagnose me right away until he discarded every other possible diagnosis.

    “He also made sure I completely understood the treatment options and the healing process.”

    Nancy Elizabeth Guzman Aceves

  • thanks for the extensive exam

    “The staff and Dr. Nussbaum were very helpful in relieving the pain in my toe. 5 stars from me!”

    glenn saha

  • Great experience!

    “I would recommend Dr Nussbaum, he is very understanding, and the procedure was painless he makes sure of that.”

    Jose Tamayo

  • I went in for knee pain and she worked her magic! I walked away feeling much better than I anticipated.

    “Not only was the doctor wonderful, the whole staff was amazing as well. The medical assistant showed me great concern and went above to meet my needs!”

    Veronica Jensen