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Non-Invasive Pain Management Treatments in Cypress, TX

Momentum Pain Relief & Regenerative Medicine offers pain relief and pain management treatments for knees, shoulders, feet muscles, and the back. Our doctors have over 50 years of combined experience, and have helped thousands of patients regain momentum and live a pain-free life. We are dedicated to providing the latest in non-invasive pain management.

Pain, whether it’s in the shoulders, back, joints, or feet, makes life difficult. Not every condition that causes pain can be cured, but that does not mean the symptoms are untreatable. Even patients with severe arthritis can find relief from the pain through noninvasive pain management techniques and treatments. At Momentum Pain Relief & Regenerative Medicine, our goal is to work with patients to find the best course of treatment for their problem.

We Want to Get You Back on Your Feet

Losing mobility is a major hindrance, particularly for people who rely on their athleticism to make a living. When we treat patients, we focus more on just treating the condition. We explore treatments that will get a patient back on their feet as fast as possible so they can get back to doing what they love most.

Beyond pain management, we also offer cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies. These include innovative treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and more. Even if you are not dealing with pain but are concerned about the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and facial lines, we can help you explore anti-aging therapies that can help restore your body’s function and appearance.

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Patient Stories

  • I loved that Dr. Nussbaum was thorough and didn’t diagnose me right away until he discarded every other possible diagnosis.

    “He also made sure I completely understood the treatment options and the healing process.”

    Nancy Elizabeth Guzman Aceves

  • thanks for the extensive exam

    “The staff and Dr. Nussbaum were very helpful in relieving the pain in my toe. 5 stars from me!”

    glenn saha

  • Great experience!

    “I would recommend Dr Nussbaum, he is very understanding, and the procedure was painless he makes sure of that.”

    Jose Tamayo

  • I went in for knee pain and she worked her magic! I walked away feeling much better than I anticipated.

    “Not only was the doctor wonderful, the whole staff was amazing as well. The medical assistant showed me great concern and went above to meet my needs!”

    Veronica Jensen